a weekend in paris

10 / 11 / 2019
I spent my 21st birthday weekend in Paris, staying at The Hoxton with my boyfriend, Dan ( hey, if you aren't feeling like a boujee Europe-loving diva on your birthday, when are you? ) . We ate countless couture croissants, drank a whole lotta oat milk lattes and dabbled in un petit peu de Francais ( I said 'merci' to every Parisian that walked into me and 'bonjour' to each beret-rocking French bulldog that we saw ) .

The luxury of the Eurostar train taking us from London to Paris in just a couple of hours is quite the constant temptation; one which is definitely justifiable when booking in advance, as we did - it was just over £50 each for a return ticket! I really enjoy the low-fuss aspect of travelling by train - St Pancras is so easy to navigate and, might I say, the selection of cafes and pianos throughout are pretty impressive.

The journey duration is around two hours, aka an ample length to:

- watch multiple episodes of Drag Race

- listen to the newest episode of The High Low podcast

- collate a list of capsule wardrobe wants for the upcoming season

Every time I travel to a new city, I put together a mini playlist of newly discovered songs that create a vibe that inspires, motivates and excites me. It's the perfect way to prompt a calm yet creative mood every morning when diving into that delivered-to-your-door pastry and fresh orange juice ( thank you, Hoxton! ) , putting together your outfit for the day that features your new handbag ( thank you, Dan! ) or simply when strolling through the streets of the city, coffee and croissant in hand. So I thought I'd share Paris' soundtrack with you! Click 'Play' on any track and listen as you read / scroll.

the paris playlist

Take_Me_to_the_River_(2005_Remaster).mp3Talking Heads
00:00 / 05:03
Make It BetterAnderson .Paak ft Smokey Robinson
00:00 / 03:39
Baby BlueAction Bronson ft. Chance the Rapper
00:00 / 04:40
How Can I Love You?Yellow Days
00:00 / 04:24
AstrovanMt. Joy
00:00 / 03:09
ColaArlo Parks
00:00 / 03:50

As one of the renowned fashion capitals of the world, Paris' streets are filled with intimidatingly effortless and overwhelmingly stylish people, each of whom I felt somewhat urged to demand a fashion blog from. But instead of bothering multiple Parisian people and risking being stabbed with a baguette, I decided a wander through the iconic Le Marais district might be a good alternative.

We went to three boutiques, each of which I hadn't been to before, and each of which I love for a different reason. Here's a bit about each store and why I think you'll be creatively inspired by them too!



Encapsulating the classic yet eclectic approach to dressing envied by fashion-lovers across the globe, Merci's clothing rails are generously filled with an orderly yet unpredictable blend of pieces. I really enjoyed discovering new and independent French fashion labels amongst thoughtful selections of styles by current favourites, like GANNI, and vintage pieces, including many a pair of Levi 501s.

Tom Greyhound


With just one store in Paris and one store in Seoul, Tom Greyhound's selection of clothing is as curated as you'd expect from such a small-scale store. With an identity built on multicultural influences and a contemporary approach to the shopper's relationship with shopping, each rail emulates a distinct mood and palette. I found it to be the perfect space to discover an in-store experience that inspires me to push my approach to personal style to the next level.

The Frankie Shop


This boutique is the embodiment of minimalism - in other words, I felt extremely at home here! With just three rails in store, The Frankie Shop is the place to be for a carefully curated collection of neutral-toned, independently-designed and alternatively-styled pieces. It's also perfectly lit for the 'gram. It's super nice to find such an exclusive store with such a variety of price tags, too - I liked searching through high quality potential wardrobe investments in a way that felt attainable.

The Hoxton Paris fast became a firm favourite of mine for its laid-back and homely mood, which is effortlessly balanced with its stunning, design-led interiors and luxurious attention to detail; this atmosphere is definitely thanks to the wonderfully warm and welcoming staff.


It's a beautiful hotel which is exquisitely designed to suit the millennial lifestyle - from co-working-ready coffee spaces to vegan-friendly toiletries - and I would highly recommend any Hoxton for your next city break!

I really hope you enjoyed this little insight into my birthday weekend in Paris, and that you enjoy perusing my favourite French spaces during your next city break there! I'd love to hear your Parisian recommendations over on social media, and your go-to weekend away destinations. Make sure to say hello over on Instagram @natimacchiato and Twitter @natimacchiato.

Have a wonderful week!