how to step out of your style comfort zone

One of my favourite ways to chat with you guys about the kind of content you'd like to see me create is over on Instagram Stories ( find me at @natimacchiato ) , and when I recently asked whether you'd like to step out of your style comfort zone, there was a resounding keenness to do so.
I've discussed in previous posts how finding your personal style is one of the best ways to start out with slow fashion, but let's be honest - sometimes we can get a little bit too complacent with our closet.
In today's post I'm sharing a selection of quick and easy ways to level up your creativity when it comes to clothing and styling.

mix bold with basics

Wear intimidating and out-there pieces with your favourite basics.

be anonymous

Style up scary pieces around strangers to avoid feeling judged by those who expect you to dress in a specific way.

new inspiration

Look to new places for inspiration.

consider non-fashion inspiration

Art, culture and architecture a inspiration.

don't rush

Don't overwhelm yourself with pressure.

explore the mood you desire

Which pieces make you feel this mood?

break your rules

Have you subconsciously created rules for yourself when it comes to styling pieces? Do the opposite!

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