the aw19 edit

As you know, I overthink each and every clothing purchase I make ( the same thought process applies to gifting collaborations with brands! ) , and I've even created a list of criteria which I reflect on before adding a new piece into my closet!
But let's face it - no matter how much you ponder over a piece before purchase, sometimes it just doesn't work with your wardrobe the way you thought it would. It's an embarrassing and guilt-ridden feeling, but your individual relationship with fashion is so instinctive and personal that the best you can do is learn from these buys to shop smarter in the future ( y'know, alongside selling, donating, upcycling or recycling the garment ) !
Our individual styles are evolving continuously, but there are a select few garments that we always gravitate towards. Utilising the capsule wardrobe concept has taught me to take note of the elements and aspects of these pieces, exploring why I'm drawn to them, and I've started focusing on ensuring that any future additions to my closet offer the same qualities.
So I thought I'd start a new series of blog posts to share this process with you!
At the end of every season, I'm creating a post with an edit of my capsule wardrobe. I'll talk you through the pieces I've loved the most over the previous months, and the reasons behind each one ( and links, of course! ) .
I'd love to hear about the pieces in your seasonal edit over on social media - chat to me about your top picks on Instagram and Twitter at @natimacchiato!
So without further ado, here is the autumn / winter '19 edit!